Caribbean Financial Services Corporation (CFSC) provides funding via loans and or bonds at competitive interest rates for viable projects in manufacturing, agro industry, services, tourism and tourism related activities which generate employment and or enhance the region's foreign exchange capabilities.


The maximum investment (loan or bond) that CFSC will make in a project or business is limited to 15% of its capital. Where the funding requirements exceed this maximum limit, CFSC can make arrangements with other financial institutions to co-finance the project.
CFSC recognizes the need for long term credit facilities. Consequently, CFSC offers repayment terms of up to 15 years with moratorium periods as circumstances warrant. CFSC can finance up to 60% of the cost of a project via a loan and or bond.


Requests for financing must be accompanied by a formal Business Proposal. CFSC's investment decisions are based on rigorous analysis of the following areas:
1. Financial strength
2. Management competence
3. Security quality
4. Country risk
5. Industry risk


The assets financed by the loan or bond are usually used as security. Common security instruments include:
•  Debenture over fixed and floating assets of company
•  Bill of sale over equipment
•  Assignment of cash flow stream derived from an asset
•  Assignment of insurance policies
•  Promissory notes
•  Personal guarantees (supported by evidence of positive net worth)
Bonds usually have a defined term, or maturity date at which point the bond is due and payable. Whereas loans are characterized by specified monthly or quarterly payments comprised of interest and principal, bonds can offer more flexible redemption or repayment options which may be attractive to borrowers. Redemption or repayment options may include:
    •  Interest only for a period of time followed by a single or multiple lump sum payments of principal; and
    •  Interest only for a period of time followed by blended interest and principal payments for a specified time
        to redeem the bond.